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Re: [Debconf-discuss] buy/rent air mattresses on-site possible ?

Jerome Charaoui dijo [Thu, Feb 02, 2017 at 03:14:10PM -0500]:
> This being said, I admit the "sleeping bag requirement" is perhaps not
> stated correctly on the wiki.
> If people are comfortable sleeping directly on the cot fabric, or with
> only minimal cover, then there is no need for a sleeping bag. There is
> certainly no need for a heavyweight sleeping bag such as those rated for
> negative-C temperatures, as the indoor environment will be climate
> controlled to around 20-22C.

...Which might sound like "freezing" to people coming from weathers
such as Shirish's ;-)

Anyway, I guess a simple blanket can be bought far cheaper in Montreal
than a sleeping bag. And a blanket is more useful if we donate it to
the Red Cross or whatever than a sleeping bag...

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