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[Debconf-discuss] Debconf Poetry Night?

      Hi there,

 I was approached before debconf if I would like to hold the Poetry
Night again.  Personally I said wholeheartly yes, of course.  But
thinking more about it I wonder how much interest is there, and
especially: how many people are willing to present something.

 So this is meant as a straw poll:  Who could be convinced to present a
short text, either of their own or something they feel attached to,
regardless of language or style?  I would say if we can't find around 15
or more people that are willing to also present it doesn't make much
sense to flock together to mostly sit and wait for someone to bring up
another text.

 Short background:  The Poetry Night was first done in Debconf12 in a
bar where people were hanging out, drinking a beer (or two), having a
nice time, where a mic and amp was set up for people to step up to to
present a text.  It was a great evening full with poems and poetry in
spanish, english, german, japanese and other languages, self written or
from famous writers.

 I was so much impressed by it that I tried to repeat it in Debconf13
where we sat by the camp fire which was a great ambience and a fair
amount of people joined in there too.  And there was cake from the
birthday celebration. :)

 Though, last year in Heidelberg the setting wasn't best.  The
stonehenge place was nice, but there was a band playing at the same time
which even I personally would have liked to listen to more closely, and
I couldn't blame people from choosing them over us.  On the other hand,
it led to a rather short event, and the ambience wasn't as great as

 This year, I don't know.  I was told the pub by the fireplace would
make a good place for it.  And there isn't a soccer game for tuesday
evening.  But I fear if we don't find enough people to present I would
rather blow it off.  So, it would be great to hear your opinions or
input on this.  Please let me know, either off list, personally, or on
list (I'm reading through the web archive, not directly subscribed).

 Thanks for reading. :)

P.S.: We are still missing people with debconf3 and debconf4 shirt for
   the shirt group photo!!  If your brought yours along or if you know
   someone who has, please sign up in the wiki for the photo:

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