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[Debconf-discuss] Late Registeration

Dear Friends,

My name is Ebrahim A. Senejani from Iran and working with Linux from 2002 and active in Iran Community (Arak Lug, SchooLinux and Tehran Lug) and educate Linux based on Ubuntu and Debian to many students and their teachers and some of my colleagues and had so many seminars about Linux and Open Source.
I have heard late about the DebConf, how can I register for this event and is it possible to get sponsorship?

best regards 
Ebrahim A. Senejani
Senior UNIX Systems Engineer
Email: senejani@gmail.com
Cell Phone: +98-912-4438126

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Note: English IS NOT my native language. I'm not good at it. But I think writing in poor English is much more BETTER THAN not writing at all. But I'll be glad receiving friendly editorial, spelling, grammar, ... comments and I'll fix and learn.

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