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Re: [Debconf-discuss] Get 30 minutes free* Wi-Fi at all Airports Company South Africa airports

Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> The web page states: "You are required to register and for verification
> processes your email address is required".  So the cost of "free" Wi-Fi
> is really your personal information and its connection to your computer
> equipment, making it easier to track you.  Not quite my definition of
> "free", but I guess it depend on the percieved value of ones own
> personal information. :)

For free Wi-Fi when travelling (using another definition of "free") I
can highly recommended:

  * macchanger
  * iodine (takes considerable setup but is worth it, for when it works)

and others have recommended mosh.  These are all Debian packages.

I would only use SSH, VPN or Tor traffic over public Wi-Fi.  Although
`ssh -L 8123:` allows to easily create a tunnel from
http_proxy= to a remote proxy like provoxy, polipo
or squid).

Steven Chamberlain

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