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Re: [Debconf-discuss] [Debconf-announce] This year's Cheese & Wine party

* shirish शिरीष <shirishag75@gmail.com> [2016-05-08 05:06:23 +0000]:

> [ digression about indian cooking ]

As far as I understand it, one of the orga team's biggest challenges currently
is arranging kitchen facilities access for an eventual professionnal caterer.
And, again, as far as I understand it, most of the options currently involve
"making sure the caterer doesn't need kitchen space as it's near impossible to

Which means that your first priority should probably be to make sure you'd get
access to kitchen space (very unlikely) rather than smuggling spices :-)

> 3. Perhaps the most important of all - how big are these wine and
> cheese parties, I have cooked for 4-5 people at the most, there were
> couple of times where I did cooking for 100 odd people but I had
> amazing help and they were able to get the scale of spices from 4-5
> people to 100 (not my forte)

The C&W party usually involves finger food and being able to serve drinks for
most attendees. (some attendees skip on the party, but it's still one of the
main social events of the conference, with the day trip and the conference
dinner). Considering the organizers are looking at 250 attendees, it is likely
that around 200 people will attend the C&W.

The party usually happens after (light) dinner, so you don't need to _feed_ 200
people. But there still needs to be amenities (plates, bread, cups, ...) for
those people and enough space for them to be able to roam around, indulge in
the available delicacies, and talk to each other. Some seating areas are really
great as people can then settle down and rest their feet. At DC14, the Puppet
Labs offices also provided some tabletop games, table tennis and other stuff
that also made for great memories.

To get a feel of what's involved, you should scour the picture galleries and
have a look at pictures of past events. The wiki page has some pointers to
pictures of past events.

Nicolas Dandrimont

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