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Re: [Debconf-discuss] [Debconf-announce] New DebConf organisation team structure

Hi Ian,

On 06/11/14 18:04, Ian Jackson wrote:

> Wouldn't it make sense for this team to be responsible directly to the
> rest of the project via the DPL, rather than have the whole thing at
> arm's length via the Debconf chairs ?
> I only suggest this because it's not clear whether the people who
> recently conducted the review of the Debconf organisational structu
> felt that they had to take the positions and roles of the Debconf
> chairs as a given.
> If the review team feel that the separation between the coordinators
> and the chairs is valueable then I'm not seeking to undermine that.

I am not entirely sure I understood what are you proposing here, but I
guess you were proposing that the chairs became part of this team?

We are going to be working closely with this team, but for now we prefer
to stay at a distance, we will see how this plays out.

Also, it was us (the chairs) leading the review of the orga structure.

> If I can quibble, it might be worth calling this the `site selection

It is a historic name, but it can surely be changed if the coordination
teams decides so (as they are in charge of the committee).

Martín Ferrari (Tincho)

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