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Re: [Debconf-discuss] [Debconf-announce] New DebConf organisation team structure

Martín Ferrari writes ("[Debconf-announce] New DebConf organisation team structure"):
> Teams Definition
> ================

I realise I come late to this party, but:

> Separate from these, a smaller, multiple-purpose *DebConf coordination
> team*: keeping track of the DebConf calendar and time-line (though each
> subteam should also be doing this), "poker" role, treasurer role (budget
> agreement and accounting), gather and organise the DebConf committee,
> define bid selection rules, recruit and assign bid mentors, watch for
> problems in teams, request processes be documented, call for meetings,
> etc. This team will work closely with the chairs.

Wouldn't it make sense for this team to be responsible directly to the
rest of the project via the DPL, rather than have the whole thing at
arm's length via the Debconf chairs ?

I only suggest this because it's not clear whether the people who
recently conducted the review of the Debconf organisational structure
felt that they had to take the positions and roles of the Debconf
chairs as a given.

If the review team feel that the separation between the coordinators
and the chairs is valueable then I'm not seeking to undermine that.

> The *DebConf committee* is gathered every year by the DebConf
> coordination team for choosing the next DebConf location. They are
> expected to study, question and interact with the bids, producing a
> conclusion by a specified date, avoiding a public decision-making
> meeting. It will be composed by the DebConf Chairs, representatives from
> the teams (not necessarily the lead) and representatives of the wider
> Debian community. For this year cycle, these will be initially gathered
> >from the current committee.

If I can quibble, it might be worth calling this the `site selection
committee' since that's all it does.

To my mind a `Debconf committee' would be a body with control of the
budget and venue contracts and other major decisions.  In a
medium-sized SF convention the `con committee' is the top level
decisionmaking body.


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