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Re: [Debconf-discuss] LPI exams at DebConf15?

Bdale Garbee writes ("Re: [Debconf-discuss] LPI exams at DebConf15?"):
> My advice would be to structure this so that it places no expense burden
> on DC15.  Allowing them to collect fees is fine, but I'd want them to
> cover any direct expenses associated with giving the exams, in effect
> keeping this an "associated activity" but not an official part of DC15,
> per se. 

Would it be possible to invite them to directly negotiate with the
venue over pricing, and pay the venue ?  That is, Debconf could
introduce them to the venue administrators and say "we are happy to
have these people present in our space but we need this booking to go
through as a separate contract directly with you".

That would avoid accounting complications to do with assessing the
right `rent' that DC should charge for such private commercial use,
nasty interactions with charitable status, etc.

(I suppose it would pose slight enforcement difficulties for Debconf
if there were CoC or harassment problems in the exam room but I would
expect a professional organisation of that kind of have its own
antiharassment arrangements - and if anyone was really bad there would
be nothing stopping Debconf barring the perpetrator from everything
except the exam room.)


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