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[Debconf-discuss] Prices?


I read
yesterday, and there is a conference for which I'd be interested:
Debconf, in Portland, August 23-31 [1]. It's a conference about Debian,
a GNU/Linux operating system.

[1] http://debconf14.debconf.org/

So I sent an email to the organizers, and they say it depends on the
prices. Your website says you can do it remotely, so how much would that
be for the week? Do you know any more people who do it, because there
are 3 conference rooms at the same time, so having all talks typed in
real-time would require more people. How many hours can you do a day? I
probably forget some questions :)

I'm very glad I heard about this, and I'm very curious to hear from you!
Sorry for my english, I'm french (being non-native english speaker is
one of the reasons I find it so interesting, because I understand way
better when there are subtitles :)



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