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[Debconf-discuss] debconf postcards


it's too late for this year's debconf to send post cards from the venue,
but it might be a nice idea to have some on future debconfs. (despite a
tech-savy environment, i assume it is common to have relatives which
very much appreciate physical letters).

i've uploaded what i printed out on the zurich railway station for
sending home to the debconf-share repository[1], and it could form the
base of future debconfs' postcards if an organizer decides that it might
be a good idea to have some. 

online quotes[2] for 10x15cm, 250pcs, duplex, color front side, cost
around 45$ including shipping from quick review.

best regards

[1] mid:[🔎] 20130817192726.GA8169@gnu.kitenet.net
[2] http://www.55printing.com/p99/Postcard-Printing/product_info.html

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