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[Debconf-discuss] [Announce] debconf-share git-annex repository

As I mentioned in a lightning talk, we have set up annex.debconf.org,
which is a git-annex repository everyone can use to share our personal
media (photos (including raws), videos, etc) and other files related
to DebConf (talk slides, documents, 3d printed Polito designs,
GPS tracks, etc).

(It also incorporates official talk videos for easy access. So you can
easily download talks the talks you want..)

This was set up over less than one day, so don't expect it to be perfect
yet (and file bugs!). But it works! Here's an example:

joey@gnu:~> git clone ssh://git.debian.org/git/collab-maint/debconf-share
joey@gnu:~> cd debconf-share
joey@gnu:~/debconf-share> ./setup.sh

joey@gnu:~/debconf-share> mkdir -p DebConf13/photos/joeyh
joey@gnu:~/debconf-share> cp ~/sunrise_panorama.jpg debconf13/photos/joeyh
joey@gnu:~/debconf-share> git annex add
joey@gnu:~/debconf-share> git annex copy --auto --to incoming
joey@gnu:~/debconf-share> git annex sync

That caused the file to be automatically published on the web:
... but also be a "git annex get" away from anyone with a clone of this

So now's a great time to put your DebConf stuff into debconf-share!
Please limit uploads to things that are legal, respectful of others,
comply with DebConf policy, and that it's appropriate to share with the

We have some disk space in the backend storage at annex.debconf.org ..
but not infinite amounts. (Currently 40 gb, and this can be
easily grown when needed.) Thanks to Ganneff for setting that up.

(See README in the repo for other details.)

see shy jo

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