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[Debconf-discuss] Assassins: new rule to be introduced tomorrow

19 assassins left alive. 2 current leaders with 5 kills. Maybe one is
after the other one, who knows? ;-)

Tomorrow a new rule will be introduced: 
 Your Almighty ${DEITY} is angry to see how happily you people are
 murdering each other. As a revenge, survivors will have to fear My
 Anger starting from tomorrow 14:00 up to the end of the game (which I
 currently schedule for Saturday 14:00).

 ${DEITY} will be allowed to burn you into ashes with the help of The
 Holy HandSock of Antioch. ${DEITY} assaults can be witnessed by
 anybody and still remain valid (after all, I am ${DEITY}, am I
 not?). The only way to stop ${DEITY} attacks is by handing Me a piece
 of cheese, or reaching the Bar (The Bar is a Sacred Place, where only
 Peace, Beer, Cheese and Happiness shall happen). A piece of cheese
 will buy you 3 hours of invicibility against The Holy Sock of Antioch.

 Assassins survivors, you've been warned, watch your back and get
 cheese at breakfast.

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