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[Debconf-discuss] ANN: BoF moved: Freesoftware and Education -> 2013-08-06 (day 6) 14:30 BoF room 2

Hi all,

Due to an interest overlap of the X2Go talk (Mike Gabriel) and the Free Software and Education BoF (Andreas Mundt), Andreas and I agreed this morning to move the Freesoftware and Education BoF (originally day-7, 9:30h) to another time slot and another room.

So, this event (which is still in Penta):

has been moved (in coordination with Tiago) to

  BoF room 2, 2013-08-06 (day 6), 14:30h

In case the above event gets remove from Penta too soon (Tiago, could you?), here is the announcement text that is currently still to be found in Penta:

The Free Software movement with loads of educational software and related (hardware) projects like Arduino and Raspberry Pi provide great tools to teach technology as well as spreading spirit and advantages of sharing knowledge and ideas.

The idea of this meeting is to exchange ideas and experiences related to the use of Free Software in schools and other educational institutions in an informal way. Everybody interested is invited to present own projects and ideas, problems and of course solutions!

Depending on the list of participants, we can in addition discuss what improvements in Debian would be nice to further improve/simplify the use of educational software.

We hope for all the Edu people joining in.

We also hope that taking BoF room 2 at 14:30h does not conflict with any other group that plans using BoF room 2 for that time slot (I scanned debconf-discuss for any announcement for that slot).

Mike (and Andi)


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