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Re: [Debconf-discuss] Daytrip with mountainbike

Am Dienstag, den 13.08.2013, 16:45 +0200 schrieb Lucas Nussbaum:
> On 13/08/13 at 14:20 +0200, Bruno Kleinert wrote:
> > Hi there,
> > 
> > Lucas and I consider to do the daytrip with our mountainbikes tomorrow.
> > Extracted from the DebConf Daytrip Wiki page, [0] is our track, the GPX
> > file can be found here [1].
> (According to qlandkartegt, it's 16.9km, 957m up, 115m down; I've
> created a gpx file[1] with that track, as well as two possible tracks for
> soliat->neuchatel (one safe using a road, one using a trail that should
> be nice). I remember reading somewhere that bicycles are not allowed on
> the trail very next to Creux du Van (detour3 in the gpx), but that's
> worth double-checking on site.
> [1] http://blop.info/pub/daytrip.gpx


> > Who else wants to join the cool cyclists? ;)
> according to openstreetmap data, it should be possible to join with
> !mountain bikes too, with some changes to the itinerary.

Since yesterday I'm a bit sceptical about OSM material on the mountain,
but let's also double-check it when we're on top! I'm ready for
adventures! ;) If we have > 0 !mountainbikes in the group, I'd suggest
that we take the on-road route together.

> > Something I don't know, yet: Do we cycle the same route back from top of
> > the mountain and cycle from Vaumarcus to Neuchatel near the lake or do
> > we cycle from the mountain tip somehow directly to Neuchatel?
> it's probably easier and faster to cycle directly to neuchatel.

Makes sense. I wasn't sure if there are boundary conditions, e.g. other
daytrip program things that I'm not aware of.

> > @Lucas: This [2] is my lock, that I can share. By using some "bicycle
> > Tetris" it should be possible to lock up to three bikes with it to
> perfect! (+ my bike is colored after the swiss flag, there's no way
> someone can try to steal it in .ch, it's probably a criminal offense)
> Since the apéro at soliat starts at 1pm, I think that we could leave at
> something like 9:45 to be on the safe side?

I agree, that should be enough time, including drinking breaks and
enjoying beautiful views!

Where should we meet each other tomorrow morning? I'd suggest the small
fountain, so everybody can fill water bottles for the trip.

Greetings - Fuddl

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