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Re: [Debconf-discuss] FTWCA meteor showers

Quoting Bruno Kleinert (fuddl@tauware.de):
> Am Dienstag, den 13.08.2013, 08:47 +0200 schrieb Christian PERRIER:
> > There are  shorter routes for walkers or moutain bikes. See OSM.
> My GPS uses OSM maps. Yesterday, I cycled up the mountain and it turned
> out that there are paths in OSM, which are as good as impossible to
> pass. Also, OSM lacks several paths and streets. Just a warning, if
> someone plans a route and gets disappointed ;)

Well, when it comes at me, something that I map as "path" cannot
necessarily be cyclable. I mapped all my runs around and some of them
have been in some......challenging paths, definitely not doable (even
downhill) with a bike (even a moutain bike, unless you're in the world
top 10 of bikers...). THese ones are really fun to run on....assuming
you like challenging running..:-)

But, certainly much much much more paths and tracks are not yet
mapped, mostly because....there are a lot of them, particularly in the
moutain parts and in forests.

That's why I currently mostly use Swiss Topo maps, which I print (yay
paperwaste) and hold in my hand while running. They are *very*
reliable and, for instance, when a path is a dead-end on them, it
*really* is a dead end (by ignoring that, I ended up a few times
crossing bushes, rivers, meeting several gentle swiss cows).

map.geo.admin.ch is your friend

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