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Re: [Debconf-discuss] FTWCA meteor showers

Quoting Wouter Verhelst (wouter@debian.org):
> This time of year is home to a meteor shower known as the "perseids",
> named so after the constellation of Perseus from which they seem to radiate.
> This meteor shower is a fairly active one; if you find a spot after
> sunset well away from any light sources and look up at the sky, you will
> easily see a meteor once every few minutes.
> Last night, Andreas Barth, Sorina Sandu and myself positioned ourselves
> on the basketball field near the ping pong tables, which worked well (we
> saw about ten meteors in approximately 30 minutes); but obviously the
> further away you can move from any closeby lights, the better.

My recommendation for that would be going close to the Mutrux

Why? Because this is the closest place where there is a nice view of
the Mont-Blanc (anf of course also the entire panorama of Swiss Alps,
from Eiger to Grand Combin). Contrary to what I said to a few of you,
one *cannot* see the Mont-Blanc from Le Camp.

So, if you go there to see the meteor shower, you might also want to
see either sunrise (6:30 am!) or sunset (20:45). Of course, it's hard
to see both mountains and meteors for obvious reasons..:-)

This is quite easy to do for those of you with bikes:

- find a way to reach the paved road *above* Le Camp, that leads to
Verneaz. You can do that either through the trail that starts at the
entrance of the wood, South-West of Le Camp then climbs above Le Camp
without entering the forest....or just starting from Vaumarcus (if you
go by car) and climbing up the road leading to Verneaz

- In Verneaz, turn left (I guess signs says "Concise" or "Mutrux"

- After 1km or so, turn *right* on the road that climbs to the village
of Mutrux

- In the village, go down a small paved road on the right that leads
to the cemetery.

There are  shorter routes for walkers or moutain bikes. See OSM.

I just added the cemetery in OSM to help you in that.

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