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Re: [Debconf-discuss] DFSG-free car navigation software to find debconf this year?

+++ Timo Juhani Lindfors [2013-08-07 10:39 +0300]:
> Hi,
> every time I go to debconf I try to ask around for free software car
> navigation software that people use to find the venue. What are your
> favourites this year?

[snip useful info on how to drive monav]

I use marble and mappero(maemo-mapper) on an n900 which are both nice,
but I've failed to get monav working with them for offline routing on
that device. If someone can give me the runes that would be good.

I'd much prefer to use navit when abroad as that uses vector files
directly and thus doesn't require pre-downloading thousands of tiles,
but I've not managed to get better than a blank screenout of it when I
tried just before going on hols.

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