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[Debconf-discuss] DFSG-free car navigation software to find debconf this year?


every time I go to debconf I try to ask around for free software car
navigation software that people use to find the venue. What are your
favourites this year?

I just tested and the following seems to still work:

apt-get install monav
mkdir .monav
cd .monav
wget -c http://download.geofabrik.de/openstreetmap/europe/switzerland.osm.pbf
mkdir Switzerland
monav-preprocessor \
 -i=switzerland.osm.pbf \
 -n=Switzerland \
 -o=Switzerland \
 -pi="OpenStreetMap Importer" \
 --profile=motorcar \
 -di \
 -pro="Contraction Hierarchies" \
 --block-size=16 \
 -dro=Car \
 -pa="Unicode Tournament Trie" \
 -da="Unicode Tournament Trie" \
 -pre="Qtile Renderer" \
 --qtile-input=switzerland.osm.pbf \
 --qtile-rendering-rules=:/rendering_rules/default.qrr \
 -dre="Vector (No Internet required)" \
 -pg="GPS Grid" \
 -dd \
 -mb=12 \
 -t=4 \
 -v \

# click on the map
# click "Load"
# click "Select Modules"
# click the red circle on the rigth
# type "Vaumarcus" and click it
# type "Route Du Camp" and click it
# click anywhere in the road
# click the yellow marker
# click "GPS-Location"


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