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Re: [Debconf-discuss] Accomodation for families at Le Camp ?

Hi, it seems you didn't have yet an 'official' answer, so I'll try to
help you based on my past experiences as attendee/volunteer:

On Fri, 2013-05-03 at 23:18 +0200, Olivier Berger wrote: 
> Hi.
> I intend to participate to the Debconf, and thought of the possibility
> to come with my wife and son in order to try a mix of hacking and
> holidays in the mountains, instead of leaving home for a week...
> I would like to know when/how we may expect to have confirmation for
> booking of "rooms for families", typically thinking of a 2 beds room in
> which we'd add our own foladable baby bed, if there's enough room (which
> would need to be confirmed).
> There are additional details I've missed in the accomodation page : 
>  - is such an option possible (for the baby bed) ? 

I'm pretty sure that little babies (if it's the case) don't "count"
here, so I wouldn't care about his/her registration in penta nor about
the bed.

>  - should I register in pentabarf my wife (and my son ?) if I'd like to
>    come with my family ?

Your wife, sure.

> What would be the extra costs for children (food mainly ?) ?

If you can share your food with the baby you won't need to register. If
(s)he eats like an adult, please do so :) Remember that non-contributors
have to pay for food/accom.

> Are there any other families planing to come together, so we can imagine
> some group activities for the non-hacker accompanying ones, etc ?

The only thread I've found about families in DC was the one already
pointed here.

> I'm also a bit doubtful of the coexistence of hackers with a tendency
> for nightly activities (potentially noisy) and young children in same
> facilities :-/

We try to use the commom sense and avoid noise in places that are near
to sleeping rooms. When commom sense doesn't work someone comes out from
a room and ask people to shut up. And afaik it has been working quite
well. I don't think why it'd be different with children around.

> Btw, I'm not sure I understand whether there will only be
> Debianers/Debconfers at Le Camp of if general public/clients will also
> share the facilities... can we expect some very "ordered" (Switzerland,
> yes ;) general behaviour, or a much more relaxed/heterodox ambiance, at
> night time, for instance ? Besides the anti-harassment policy warning,
> I'm not sure I've read anything mentioning sex, drugs and R&R ;-) I'm
> just curious of how people feel it will be like...

Only Debian people around in le camp. My personal view is that the DC
world is much better than the world outside. Solidarity, diversity and
relaxed ambience, in short. In general, people will respect other
people, le camp rules, DC policy and local laws. It's more than enough
to not be worried.

> I'm not completely shure this family trip is a likely option, and maybe
> I should just come alone (my lack of prior experience of the Debconf
> doesn't help much, either) ?

I've seen families in past DCs, including little babies. They're very
welcome. Please note that DC13 has particular issues with accommodation.
There're just a few small rooms, so the orga team can't give you an
immediate answer. Before considering lovely families they need to
consider contributors who can't sleep sharing a room with many people,
professional/corporate contributors who would like to pay for some
comfort, people with disabilities who may need those rooms etc... So
please don't take this as "families are not welcome". It's just about
priority for room allocation, and you can imagine how hard it is to the
orga team to decide about it.

> What are your comments / suggestions ?

Suggestion: bring your family, but cut and past Gunnar's words here :)

"In short, if I were you, I'd look into the Vaumarcus studio options."



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