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Re: [Debconf-discuss] proposals for DebConf14 +

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On 15/01/13 12:55, Philip Hands wrote:
> Daniel Pocock <daniel@pocock.com.au> writes:
>> Michael Banck <mbanck@debian.org> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> On Mon, Jan 14, 2013 at 08:49:21PM +0100, Daniel Pocock wrote:
>>>> b) in lieu of the above, Debian itself would guarantee to
>>>> contribute
>>> EUR
>>>> 50,000 (or maybe more) to DebConf (currently it is
>>>> cost-neutral for Debian) - so the bidders won't feel that
>>>> they have to start with
>>> nothing
>>>> each new DebConf year.
>>> What do you mean with "contribute"?  Seed the bank account and
>>> get the money back later, or actually contributing to the
>>> conference that amount?
>> Debconf would not return the money to Debian.  Debian would fund
>> it by collecting the money from regular sponsors and also using
>> surplus from previous events to smooth the cashflows for future
>> events.  E.g. Any surplus from .ch could potentially help a
>> Debconf14 in a venue more like Debconf12
> I think what you're doing here is turning the collection of
> sponsorship into Somebody Else's Problem, thus ensuring that it
> won't get done.

Actually, it is very likely to end up being the same people (after
all, those are the people who have the connections to industry), it's
just that their focus would change to cover the whole of Debian and
the subsequent 1 or 2 DebConfs

This could also overlap with mini-DebConfs and other activities too -
it is quite possible that a mini-DebConf in London or the bay area
would raise as much cash as a full DebConf in a third-world location.

> Also, telling people that they get 50k no matter what else they do
> seems like it's going to make them less hungry -- I doubt that the
> .ch team would have raised as much at this point if they'd been
> told that, especially if they were working to fill Debian's coffers
> on the promise that some of what they raise would then percolate
> down to fund DC13.

I didn't want to make the original email excessively long, but I
should have emphasized that 50k EUR would be the _minimum_ that is
allocated to DebConf

Some formula could then be devised for giving DebConf a share of
excess funds raised, e.g.

90% of cash from new local sponsors
60% of cash from regular sponsors who pay the same as last year
90% of cash from regular sponsors who pay more
10% of cash from any sponsor goes in a fund for future DebConfs
... etc

but offset against the original 50k EUR

What this means is that anybody who can make a worthwhile DebConf for
50k EUR but doesn't have any confidence raising money can still make a
bid and the community will collectively help them to raise more money
out of mutual interest

I know other people have ideas about fundraising and I don't want to
steal their thunder, but there are probably many ways to `hack' this
idea into shape, so don't just take my original email as if it is set
in stone.
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