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Re: [Debconf-discuss] Your biggest achievement during past DebConfs (aka new DebConf promoting campaign)

On Mon, Feb 20, 2012 at 02:26:37PM +0100, Luca Capello wrote:
> >> Yeah, it seems I completely forgot about this "achievement" of mine...
> >> It also seems that people never forget ;-)
> >
> > ... or at least we love to be remembered about things like this!
> Ehm, my friends Faidon and Lucas remind me about that every time we
> meet...

... its really nice to have good friends, right?  So Debian is
specifically about making friendship.  Thinking about this we should
probably not forget the Assassins game where I made friends by killing
people (Luca, you were my first victim but all time after friend) as
well as beeing killed by people (very dangerous "so called team
> > Do we also want to add the "swimming event" featuring people in kilts at
> > the Winter beach of Mar del Plata or the running event at DebConf10
> > (which I unfortunately not witnessed :-().
> Both were real achievements and in both cases "external" people were
> surprised: the Atlantic Ocean was freezing (IIRC ~7°C),

Nooo, come on it was in the afternoon so probaly close to 8-9°C and
salty water is freezing below 0°C. :-)  If some photos are wanted I cary
some of them.

> but still some
> DebConfers went out of the hotel with towels, while at the Van Cortlandt
> Track Club DebConfers constituted the biggest group all wearing the same
> T-Shirt (i.e. the official purple DebConf10).

... and one of them with a kilt - not to forget!

Kind regards



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