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Re: [Debconf-discuss] Your biggest achievement during past DebConfs (aka new DebConf promoting campaign)

* Petter Reinholdtsen (pere@hungry.com) [120217 01:02]:
> [Joey Hess]
> > At DebConf3 in Oslo, I finally met the other Debian Installer developers
> > gathered together in person, and after a week of challanging work, we
> > achieved the first successful installation of Debian with it.
> Are you sure the first successful installation of Debian happened during
> DebConf3?  I remember giving a talk about Skolelinux at that conference
> and how Skolelinux used d-i to automate the Debian installation.  During
> the talk I ran the installation as a demonstration, and I suspect I
> would not have tried to do this if I had not done a d-i installation
> before DebConf3.  But my memory is flaky, so I just wanted to ask if
> anyone remember when d-i actually was able to install Debian for the
> first time.

my memory is fine and i recall that installation, and you used to
use a hacked d-i.

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