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Re: [Debconf-discuss] GPG keysigning?

Quoting Jonathan McDowell (noodles@earth.li):

> However mass keysignings with the number of people involved in DebConf
> simply don't encourage good signing practice. I don't know how we solve

Because we never tried to do so.

Since Debconf 4 that was the first Debconf I attended, I have seen
many mass keysignings.

I have however *never* seen any presentation about what "good
practices" are.

I have witnessed many people having (sometimes hot) talks about what
"good practices" are (Manoj lost me somewhere in the mexican heat,
trying to explain me what his good practices are).

Why not trying to have a talk about these good practices *before* the

Of course, they are debated and people doing keysigning for a long
time have certainly different "good practices". But, still, I think
there is a kind of "commonly accepted ground" that about everybody
agrees about.

In all Debconfs I've seen, there were newcomers to keysigning and even
key management, thus people that would have been very happy to learn
more and probably look less moronic when doing the keysigning.

And even those who are less new to key management would welcome
something by the GPG key wizards, indeed...:)

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