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Re: [Debconf-discuss] Train Madrid ??? Caceres

On Tue, 2009-06-02 at 20:32 +0200, Andreas Tille wrote:
> *Really*?  I ROFL-ed when I was reading your previous mail.  So if I
> in the future might be in such a strange situation - and I can not
> imagine any other country than UK where leaving the train earlier
> might be a problem

In Sydney there is an additional (and significant) charge for getting
off at the airport station.

>  - I would probably wait until the train left the
> station and than cry in alarm: "Oh my good I left the train to early.
> How can I get nor to Lisbon / any other station."  I guess if you are
> running up and down the station doing so they will quickly give you
> a lift outside. ;-))

They will point to the ticket vending machines and say "buy a ticket or
get on the next train through to some other destination".

> Isn't this a strange world???

Yes, indeed.


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