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Re: [Debconf-discuss] Train Madrid → Caceres

Quoting Moray Allan (moray@sermisy.org):
> Le lundi 01 juin 2009 à 21:18 +0200, Moray Allan a écrit :
> > I'm getting the same error.  The only people I've heard saying they had
> > successfully booked seats were getting them for daytime trains, so maybe
> > (as you suggest) the night train booking isn't working yet.
> Hrm, but if I choose the full-price ticket I don't get the error.  So
> it's possible they just have very few cheaper tickets (and display the
> category on the first pages even when they're all gone).  Can anyone who
> regularly uses the trains in Spain comment on what's most likely?

What is possible is that Madrid-Caceres routes are not considered to
be the "main target" of the international Madrid-Lisbon train (the
main "purpose" of the train being going to/from Portugal). Therefore,
reduced fares are not possible for such partial routes.

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