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[Debconf-discuss] Talk != BOF

pe, 2006-06-09 kello 10:58 -0500, Gunnar Wolf kirjoitti:
> So, of course, Enrico's talks will always be accepted. However, being
> a fan of him as I am, I prefer them being BoFs. Why? Because talks
> require presenting a paper.

That requirement is, of course, entirely up to the organizers. The
Debconf organizers have declared that all talks must be accompanied by

Of course, saying "give your talk as a BOF instead" is *exactly* the
kind of behavior that leads to BOFs that are not a meeting of interested
peers, but talks in disguise. "Demoting" talks into BOFs is just wrong.
Some topics are best served with a talk, others with a BOF, and moving
between them isn't a particularly good idea. (Some topics are served
well with either, or both, of course.)

> A paper will sometimes spoil the funnier
> bits of his talk to some of us. Sometimes it will just be too much of
> a bother. His talks, being as popular as they are, are much better off
> as BoFs.

So instead of a talk, you'd have a BOF where Enrico gives a presentation
and everyone else listens.

(This, incidentally, was why I refused to convert my two talks into
BOFs. My topics were about knowledge transfer from me to the audience,
not general discussions about them, so not suitable as BOFs. I'd rather
not do a talk at all, than do it in a way that I think is stupid.)

I've never seen anyone wear a Freudian slip.

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