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[Debconf-discuss] Re: BOFs as Talks

Dear Manoj,

[ written during a long "discussion" in #debian-women, which made me
  angry; rewritten, deleted and again rewritten the next morning;
  This mail is intended as constructive critique, not as personal attack

* Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@acm.org> [060607 21:49]:

>         An interesting idea came up during debconf; now that we have
>  software for people to vote on talks,  and indicate which talks they
>  would be interested in attending.  With such a mechanism in place, I
>  think we can replace the academic committee, except perhaps to fill
>  a few slots left open for the organizers to give to less popular but
>  desrving talks a chance.

I think you miss the "big picture behind that".  The committees job is
not only to select "good" from "bad" talks; is also to ensure a well
balanced conference programm.

And as usual done on community projects, it's done in a doocratic way:
Whoever feels capable and willing do the job, decissions are made after
public discussion.  That's it.

If you - or someone else - thinks we did a bad job, feel free to join
the team for the next conference.

But - now a bit more personal note - let me give you a small tip:  IMHO
this was a bad start, before you start to critisize our practise you
should at least listen how things are done and learn why they are done
this way.  <irony> You know, just because we are younger than you,
doesn't mean we do the thinks on a gut level.  We have reasons to do
things, the way we do. </irony>  Which leads to the next point:  Don't
play the "i have more experience, because I'm older, so shut up" card.
It doesn't work; even worse:  It might even be seen as arogant by the
people you try to "dicsuss" with.

During last nights chat, you barly gave me the chance to explain the
reasons of our doings, after you asked for them!  So I rather think you
are not interested in our position, but mostly on discussing / trolling.
Sorry, but I have other things to do than to discuss stuff that way.

Yours sincerely,


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