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Re: [Debconf-discuss] Talk selection for Debconf 7

Quoting Manoj Srivastava (srivasta@acm.org):

>         As I said, timing could be worked on. At least the people
>  presenting the talks know they are coming, and a number of people not
>  giving talks are more or less committed by that time. However, as
>  long as the people believe there is a possibility they shall attend,
>  then the market principle shall hold.  Indeed, if we encourage people
>  to register if they think there is a possibility they could come, and
>  confirm later,

Yeah, that could be possible. I however fear that this would end up in
a "love/hate" game as we are obviously very good at it in Debian (not
only Debian, but we seem to emphasize that kind of behaviour).

As you mentioned, the risk is seeing "popular speakers" being
overrated whatever they might propose.

I would say currently that a voting system could be one of the rating
factors, while there is still an academic comitee in charge of doing
the final selection, with the ranking as one of its input...other
input being their wisdom...

This academic comitee certainly needs the best recognition it might
have just to make its decisions widely accepted. Actually, for DC6,
they have been quite generally properly accepted and, as far as I'm
aware of, there haven't been many complaints about their choices.

> > better say this in my language...). So, even though Alex probably
> > was pissed off enough for writing it...there is certainly some
> > reason for him to raise this argument.
>         Rubbish. Age has nothing to do with it. There are names of
>  people younger than I in the project in the list that follows that
>  not only garner respect, but a certain reverent hush as well: Joey

OK, you made it clear, and it's actually quite fun that we end up with
the same names in both lists (I would add your own name...in one of them).

However, Tolimar mentioned you how *he* is perceiving (percepting? 
"percevoir" in French) your objections and suggestions and the way
they were made. I see a very valid point here and something some of us
should be careful about even if we don't have the real intent to
appear as the old wise dudes....

I also suppose that the most severe reaction came after a discussion
on IRC, which is actually not very good to avoid this kind of
misunderstanding, and where we are usually less prone to think twice
about how what we write or say can be received.

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