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Re: [Debconf-discuss] Talk selection for Debconf 7

On 10680 March 1977, Christian Perrier wrote:

> Probably another possible improvement direction here. 

> Hmm, unless you come with real examples and real people publicly
> complaining about the selection method, I'll remain
> sceptic(english?). These people shoud express their concerns in
> public.

Just for the record: This year the decision about the talks was done in
a public channel, open for everyone (#debconf-team, back then on
Freenode, now on OFTC).

I guess, if the procedure with an academic committee stays there, it will
be similar for the next DebConf. So if you want to talk about the talks
that get selected (or not) and give your opinion - you are free to join
this channel. (Just dont troll while we try to work :) ).

bye Joerg
Some NM:
> FTBFS=Fails to Build from Start
Err, yes? How do you start in the middle?

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