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Re: [Debconf-discuss] key-signing scriptage

* Wookey [Wed, 07 Jun 2006 15:36:57 +0100]:

> Did anyone write some handy scriptage to make it easy to list which keys I
> want to sign (perhaps by editing the keysigning file to leave in the ones I
> want) and then just go and do the whole damn lot without me having to
> type my passphrase in about a hundred times, using a protocol like that of
> caff but avoiding lots of repetitive questions?

Well, I think most of us use caff for this, with some special precautions:

  - give to caff full fingerprints so as to avoid having to check them
    at all (you make the list by just editing the .txt file: delete the
    keys you won't sign, and leave the fingerprints of the rest)

  - use gnupg-agent, of course

  - optionally, invoke caff like `yes y | caff` in the signing phase, if
    you don't mind signing UIDs that were not present in the list

For mor information, check /usr/share/doc/signing-party/caff/README.many-keys.

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