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[Debconf-discuss] Re: Announcement from the DebConf Organisational team


* mjr@phonecoop.coop <mjr@phonecoop.coop> [060607 14:38]:

> > Further details are available for Debian Developers on the debian-private
> > list, or for other conference attendees by visiting the information desk.
> This event has since become the subject of debate in several
> forums.  Please would the DebConf Organisational team make a
> public statement describing the incident at the formal dinner
> and whether the attendee agreed to leave of their own free will?

Speaking as a member of the team (not for the team), I would prefer to
just let these discussions die a quick death.  I don't think discussing
it further will help any one in any way, it will just draw away
attention and ressources, which could (and should) be used for something
better than long flamwa^Wdiscussions.

Let's go on with releasing etch and plan DebConf7.

Yours sincerely,

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