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Venue query: draft email

Hi all

Please give  a quick proofread to the email below if you like (esp Nattie). And if you like, feel free to use it too.

Subject: Query: Conference 2016, off-season (date tbd), 300pax, 10 days.


We are submitting a bid to host the annual, international Debian developers conference in Cape Town in 2016 (more info and reports on past conferences here: debconf.org). This is an early stage exploration of suitable venues, and the <<fill in this venue>>> seems like an exciting opportunity. If you cannot provide all of these requirements but a venue nearby can complement you, please indicate that as well.

Venue requirements:
  • Available for 10-14 days;
  • Seats approx 250-300 pax, conference style;
  • Two venues capable of seating 150 - 200pax, and 100-150pax, respectively;
  • Many smaller rooms for meeting of 8-20 people (please indicate how many you have);
  • Workspaces with tables, chairs, plugpoints to accommodate 100-150 people with laptops;
  • Space for social interaction (possibly including recreational activities);
  • The option or facilities to cater for 300pax.
In addition, we require the following. 
Can you tell us if you have these facilities in as much detail as possible, or if not, if you think it would be possible for us to arrange it for the duration of the conference at our own expense (i.e. the basic infrastructure exists):
  • Fast, reliable internet connection - please indicate what you have;
  • Wheelchair accessibility and child-friendly facilities;
  • Easy to reach, close to transport hubs (please include a map if possible);
  • Nearby accommodation for 300 people - ranging from dorm rooms to hotels, restaurants, shopping opportunities and the like.
I look forward to hearing from you.

best regards
Bernelle Verster
083 5454 993

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