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Re: Venue query: draft email

A few short comments:

also sprach Bernelle Verster <bernellev@gmail.com> [2014-09-18 14:48 +0200]:
> *Venue requirements:*
>    - Available for 10-14 days;
>    - Seats approx 250-300 pax, conference style;
>    - Two venues capable of seating 150 - 200pax, and 100-150pax,
>    respectively;

s/venues/plenary rooms/ since you are talking about "the venue" in
general already?

>    - Workspaces with tables, chairs, plugpoints to accommodate 100-150
>    people with laptops;

I doubt this many will be sitting down at once at a table with chair
and plugpoint.

>    - The option or facilities to cater for 300pax.

2–3 meals a day, depends on the accomodation.

Are there youth hostels of this size around? Are hotels generally

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