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Special Edition Lightning Talks... and usual Lightning Talks... and more

Welcome to DebConf22!

In-person lightning talks are back!

Lightning talks are small talks that are 3-5 minutes long. BUT NOT
LONGER THAN THAT. Sorry for the yelling, it's been a while, and we're
very excited.

This year, we have not one, but TWO lightning talk sessions.

To submit a talk for either, submit your idea to islightningreal@debconf.org so that we can slot you in. We might get in
touch to further co-ordinate so that there's less faffing with laptops
and adaptors during the sessions.

The first one, a traditional lightning talks session, occurs on Friday,
22 July at 17:00 in Drini. A lightning talk can be technical or
non-technical. It could be a talk, a demo, or really whatever you want
it to be. The good news is, that even if someone doesn't like it, at
least it will be over quickly. So no pressure!

Official details: https://debconf22.debconf.org/talks/41-lightning-talks/

THEN! ...

We have something special for you. Share your experiences of travelling
to DebConf (either this one or a previous one). Pictures are especially
nice if you have them! This takes place on Saturday, 23 July at 14:00 in
Lumbardhi. Please note that this is not an airline complaints desk, so
if you sat next to a smelly toilet for 10 hours on your flight, you have
our sympathies, but it doesn't make a very interesting story.

Official details: https://debconf22.debconf.org/talks/117-debconf-travelogue/


When 5 minutes simply won't do for your live demo, then there's a live
demo session for demos up to 10 minutes. There are only 4 slots
available, so if you'd like to reserve a slot for this, act now! It will
be on Tuesday, 19 July at 15:00 in Drini.

Official details: https://debconf22.debconf.org/talks/114-live-demos/

Thank you for reading, and for preparing awesome content that makes
DebConf fun and informative!

- -Team Lightning

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