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DebConf 22 Daily Announcements (Sunday)

Welcome to the first day of DebConf! Just in time for the end of day,
here are your daily announcements:

Open Mic & Poetry Night Monday night

The Open Mic & Poetry Night will happen on this Monday after dinner
(20:00), right outside the restaurant. Participation for everyone is
welcome! Make sure you signup at [0] to help with the event

[0]: https://pad.dc22.debconf.org/p/91-open-mic-poetry-night

Live demos on Tuesday

There will be a Live Demo session at 15:00 on Tuesday in Drini.  Slots
are available for demos of up to 10 minutes' length.  For more details,
please read the general call for Lightning Talks, which will be posted

Day Trip Reminder

Sign-ups for the Day Trips are available on the Wiki [1].  If you
haven't signed up yet, sign up now.  If you are having difficulty
signing up via the wiki, please come to Front Desk, where we can assist

[1]: https://wiki.debian.org/DebConf/22/DayTrip/

Some of the options are already fully subscribed, with waiting lists
forming for them.  While we cannot guarantee that presence on a waiting
list will result in more spaces on the trip becoming available, not
being on a waiting list guarantees that you won't get to go on the trip.

Video Team Training

The next video team training will be tomorrow (Monday) at 12:00 in
Lumbardhi. It will only take 45 minutes, so you will have a chance to
eat. It is an opportunity to do something useful instead of standing in
the lunch queue for the same period!

Accommodation Room Cleaning

Reminder: There is room-cleaning available on request from now on.  You
need to leave your room key (one if you have a roommate) at Front Desk
in the morning by 10:30, and pick it back up after the cleaning (after

Famous Last words

Andrej says hello and have a very good night!

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