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DebCamp 22 Daily Announcements (Saturday, Final Day)

DebConf starts tomorrow

The DebConf conference schedule starts tomorrow morning. We will have
the conference opening at 10am tomorrow, in Drini, the main conference
room, behind the registration desk.  The entrance is through the front
of the room, to the right of the ITP>Prizren sign. NOT through the Front
Desk. Then follow the corridor around to the back of the room.

Food Vouchers are now required
If you haven't picked up your food vouches yet, please get them from
Front Desk tomorrow after breakfast. You will need them from lunch
tomorrow onwards.

Accommodation Room Cleaning
There will be room-cleaning available on request from Monday.  You need
to leave your room key (one if you have a roommate) at Front Desk in the
morning, and pick it back up after the cleaning (after 16:00).

Return extra room keys
If you were issued two keys, please return the spare to Front Desk. This
way when your roommate arrives, we'll have a key for them.

More Video Team Training
We always need volunteers to help record the conference video.  It's an
easy way to contribute to the conference, no prior experience required.
But we need to show you how to use the equipment, so please come to a
training session.

Thank you to everyone who came to video team training today, we really
appreciate it.  For anyone who missed it, there will be another training
session tomorrow (and probably for the next few days) at 8pm, in

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