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DebCamp 22 Daily Announcements (Tuesday)

We hope you're enjoying your DebCamp!

Here is your daily batch of announcements from the DebConf 22

Call for volunteers

DebConf22 needs you to help make it great. Please volunteer to help out.
We need volunteers to:
1. help at the noisy hack lab bar (especially in the afternoons)
2. help the videoteam out during the conference
3. take food to people in COVID-19 isolation
4. help clean the hacklabs

Please sign up for tasks here:


Starting from today, there is a daily laundry service. They will charge
€7 for a bag of <=5kg, payable in advance.

Get your laundry to Front Desk by 14:30. It will be returned the next
day, at 15:00. We don't know, yet, if this will be available on weekends.

Pick up name-tags

If you haven't picked up your name-tag and shirt, please do that, from
the Front Desk (at the entrance to Drini).

Call for Historical DebConf Shirts

Did you bring old DebConf t-shirts? Sign up for the t-shirt group photo:

Smoke Alarm Batteries Available

Is the smoke alarm in your room beeping? Did it drive you mad, until you
ripped out the battery? Replacement batteries are available at the Front

Presenter Laptop Test Station Available

The video team has a new toy this year, a test station!
The goal of this test station is to validate your laptop works with our
projector setup.

Do you plan to give a talk / BoF? Bring your laptop to the video team
room in the red building and test that it works with our system. Just
plug it in and follow the instructions on the screen.

Noisy hacklab is now open

There is beer, coffee, raki, juice, tea, iced tea, etc. available in
the noisy hacklab, above the red building.

The tea and coffee are free.
You can buy 7 beer tokens for €10.

La Baita Cafe

There is also La Baita, (a non-debconf-affiliated café) below the red
building, which sells Espresso for € 0.50, macchiato € 0.80,
water € 0.50, Peja Beer € 1.50, fruit drinks €1, Tuborg €2 and Corona
(the beer) €2.50. They open at 08:00 and stay open until there are no
more customers. It has WiFi and nice seating area outside although not
in extreme sun.

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