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DebCamp 22 Daily Announcements (Wednesday)

Breakfast moved later

Breakfast was moved an hour later (8-10am), to help the attendees who
are struggling to make it there in time in the morning. Apologies to the
early risers.

Price reductions at the bar

Bottled water: €0.50 (no change)
Beer Can: €0.50 (reduction)
Go+ (energy drinks): now free
Premium Coffee: still free
Self-service tea: still free
Everything else (draft beer, rakija, juice, wine): €1
And yes, you can drink the free local tap water.

There are now new beer tokens.
Your old tokens are now worth two drinks, thank you for investing in the
noisy hacklab bar early!

Old tokens can be exchanged for the new multi-drink tokens.


Laundry will no longer be picked up every day. The laundry needs 5 bags
of laundry to make it worthwhile, so if you want quick laundry service,
get your friends to have their clothes washed too.

Call for volunteers

DebConf22 runs entirely on volunteer effort. Thank you if you have
already volunteered.  If you haven't yet, please look at the volunteer
tasks, and help out if you can. 

We need volunteers to:
1. help at the noisy hack lab bar
2. help the videoteam out during the conference
3. take food to people in COVID-19 isolation

Please sign up for tasks here:

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