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Your personalized DC22 Key Signing Party Map is now available!

Hello world!

My reports show that many of you are already enjoying the Balkans in
Prizren, and I am very very jealous! It's just a couple more days
until I pack myself together with the rest of the
very-small-form-of-cattle and cross the Atlantic to get to Europe and
spend some days there...

Anyway, back to being on-topic: During in-person DebConf events, we
always hold our continuou key signing party. The listing for this
year's KSP is now available at:


Please download that file, check the sha256 and ripemd160 sums, print
it out, and be ready for some CoC-abiding, fingerprint exchange action!

But, out of all those people... Whom should you be approaching? I have
prepared for you the following personalized keysigning maps:


Find yourself in the listing, and go either to the SVG file
(graphical) or to the text version. In both, you will find:

 - Who has signed your key
 - Which keys have you signed

With that information, you can help bring more coherence to our

And, given the current situation with keyservers, I have also linked a
copy of the non-minimized (this is, fingerprint-carrying) version of
all the keys I was able to download in the first column of the

I hope you find this interesting and useful!

- Gunnar Wolf.

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