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We want your cheese

It's nearly time for DebConf, and that means it's also time for the Cheese and
Wine Party.  It's a DebConf tradition that dates back as early as 2005 in
Helsinki, where a few people started sharing food. Since 2006 it's part of the
official DebConf programme. It has somewhat taken on a life of its own now,
with DebConf attendees bringing cheese, wine and other interesting local
delicacies from their countries to share with other attendees. We even had
cheese and wine at the online DebConfs ;)

Though real cheese has a lot of advantages over virtual one and that means

We want your cheese!  Or  wine or sweets or fruits or whatever can be eaten or

Please register your contributions on the wiki page:

Front Desk will be able to receive what you're bringing closer to the party.

Import regulations

As Kosovo is outside the European Union, those travelling from within it must
consider the import regulations that apply to both cheese and alcoholic

You may bring in up to 2 kg of cheese.  In terms of alcohol, you may bring in
EITHER 2 litres of wine OR 1 litre of stronger spirits.

For those travelling through Albania: the import regulations for alcohol are
the same as those set by Kosovo (EITHER 2 litres wine OR 1 litre spirits).

More detailed customs information (in Albanian) -

If customs scares you -
maybe you just stumble upon some weird something on your trip or even locally.

Of course, you can still participate without bringing anything.
After all, our priorities are our users and free cheese :)

All the best, and see you at the party,

urbec and Nattie, in the name of Team Cheese

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