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🐥 DebConf Announcements: Group photo, Free phone calls, VGA at your own risk, Video Team needs YOU!

Hello DebConfers,

== Group photo ==

The group photo will be taken tomorrow
Jul 31 (Tue), 18:15 in front of the MIRC

Please be there and - if smell allows - wear your Debconf18 T-Shirt.

== Free phone calls ==

Two SIP phones have been set up that allow (reasonable) free calls
to your family and friends back home.
Check https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf18/Free_Phone_Calls for

== VGA at your own risk ==

The video team kindly reminds the presenters that VGA is a legacy
format and only has a limited compatibility with our systems. If you
can use a laptop that has anything else than VGA, please do.

As always, we recommend you test your machine before your talk
starts, preferably during a lunch or coffee break.

== Video Team needs YOU ==

We all want the talks to be covered by video streams. But this also
means that we need volunteers to help running video cameras, doing
video or audio mixing. You can listen to the talks and be helpful at
the same time. Video team does not bite. Don't worry if you haven't
been to the training, you can learn on the job by standing next to
someone who has been trained. Check
https://debconf18.debconf.org/volunteers/ for jobs we need people

Happy hacking!

-DebConf Team

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