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🐄 DebConf Announcements: Group photo, Video Team help needed, Day Trip

Howdy Debconfers,

== Group photo ==

The group photo will be taken today
Jul 31 (Tue), 18:15 in front of the MIRC

Please be there and - if smell allows - wear your Debconf18 T-Shirt.

== Video Team volunteers needed ==

We know that it sucks to write that every single day, bit the video
team lacks volunteers!  Video team does not bite. Don't worry if you
haven't been to the training, you can learn on the job by standing
next to someone who has been trained.

Check https://debconf18.debconf.org/volunteers/ for jobs we need people

== Day trip ==

The day trip day is tomorrow. Please be aware that breakfast
tomorrow starts at 07:00 at Restaurant 2. Buses leave at different
times at the venue, so PLEASE check your daytrip option. We wont
wait for late comers. All day trip tours will be back latest by
18:00. If you decide to stay on the venue, please be aware that
lecture rooms will be closed tomorrow. Hacklabs will be open though.

== Catch up with previous announcements ==

Previous announcements available on the mailing list archives:

Have fun!

-DebConf Team

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