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[Debconf-announce] Please help the video team ensure quality

Hi folks,

As part of our workflow, we try to review the recorded talks twice: once
before encoding (to figure out which parts of the recourded source data
need to be encoded) and once after transcoding (to ensure the transcoded
recording contains what it should contain).

You can help, especially with the latter.

If you watch one of the videos that are being uploaded to
video.debian.net, please do the following:

- Check for the talk status on
  <http://veyepar.dc15.debconf.org/main/C/debian/S/debconf15/>. If it
  says "12" in the "state" column, you're done! (unless you think
  there's a problem; see below)
- If you have some concerns, and there is a number in the "cmt" column,
  please hover over that; it should show comments related to this talk
  (if there are known issues we can't solve, this is where they would be
- If no comments resolve your concerns, and/or if it says "2" or "3" in
  the state column, please join us on the #debconf-video channel on
  OFTC, and give some feedback.

Things to look out for:
- Is the audio understandable?
- Is the talk complete?
- Is it the correct talk?
- Does the talk start within a few seconds of the recording starting? Does
  the recording end within a few seconds of the talk ending?

Thanks for your help,

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  -- Barack Obama, speaking in Brussels, Belgium, 2014-03-26

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