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[Debconf-announce] Day Trip Hike Option Information, Lunch Packs and Conf Dinner

Daytrip Hike Option

Unfortunately, we dropped the ball a bit on facilitating the
self-organized hike option. Our advise would be to join the hike to the
Brewery, which leaves at 09:00 AM. You will not be able to actually
visit the brewery, unfortunately, but this is considered a nice hike.

Otherwise, we suggest you still meet at 09:00 outside the lobby and
self-organize to go on a different hike.

Lunch Packs

To reiterate, you will need to self-pack your lunch pack. For people
having to buy food, they will be able to buy the lunch pack during

Conference Dinner Tickets

If you want to take part in the conference dinner but do not have a
sticker on your badge saying you are in, we will sell off the remaining
tickets for it starting Thursday from 15:00 at the Front Desk. For the
menu options and pricing, see

Also, if you are not planning to go to the conference dinner, but chose
an option during registration because you are sponsored, please let us
know at the front desk so we can use your slot for somebody else.

Conference Dinner Hike

On Thursday (*not* for Day Trip!), some of us will hike to the
conference dinner venue. It should take around 1:30 hours, so the hike
will leave at the hostel at 16:30. If you want to participate, please
signup here:

The DebConf15 organizers

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