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Re: cdda2wav only finds errors

On Tue 27 Oct 2015 03:41:13 NZDT +1300, Joerg Schilling wrote:

> This is a preliminary (alpha) release, do the version.h file was not edited.

So when I tell you I've tested with version "3.01", because that's what
it tells me, you know exactly which of the heap of varieties I'm talking
about? Fine by me, you're the expert of your software...

Here's the drive list.

I use output like this as a measure that your fix is working:
100%  track 15  recorded successfully
100%  track 17  recorded with minor problems
100%  track 19  recorded with minor problems (0.2% problem sectors)
100%  track  8  recorded with audible hard errors

The bad version only outputs lines like this:
100%  track 13  recorded with audible hard errors

No drives with bad output found. These drives produce good output:

Lite-on, fresh from the shop
Type: ROM, Vendor 'ATAPI   ' Model 'iHAS124   F     ' Revision 'CL07' MMC+CDDA

Stoneage CD-RW:
Type: ROM, Vendor 'HP      ' Model 'CD-Writer+ 8100 ' Revision '1.0g' MMC+CDDA

LG, appr 5y old:
Type: ROM, Vendor 'HL-DT-ST' Model 'DVDRAM GH22LS50 ' Revision 'TL03' MMC+CDDA

Laptop drive, appr 4-5y old
Type: ROM, Vendor 'MATSHITA' Model 'DVD+-RW UJ8B1   ' Revision 'D.04' MMC+CDDA

Old Sony/NEC/Optiarc CD-RW:
Type: ROM, Vendor 'Optiarc ' Model 'DVD RW AD-7200S ' Revision '1.R1' MMC+CDDA

I have these to test as well but would need to re-arrange hardware. It's
not much point because it's clear it's working again.
Type: ROM, Vendor 'CDWRITER' Model 'IDE5232         ' Revision '000R' MMC+CDDA
Type: ROM, Vendor 'PIONEER ' Model 'DVD-RW  DVR-106D' Revision '1.08' MMC+CDDA

I'm not totally sure but occasionally I had the feeling the 3.01 has a
slightly lower final read error rate.

Thanks muchly for improvement!


Volker Kuhlmann
http://volker.top.geek.nz/	Please do not CC list postings to me.

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