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Re: cdda2wav only finds errors

On Wed 21 Oct 2015 22:29:40 NZDT +1300, Joerg Schilling wrote:

> > Thanks for letting me know. There appears to be no more traffic there
> > than here, but hey. When SF gets round to processing subscriptions.
> Are there problems?
> Which ones?

Yes. I tried to subscribe. No reaction from the list server. Not what I
was expecting from SF. Does the list require moderator approval for

> Is it hard to understand that the file listed as most recent file on that 
> download page is the right one?

Yes, the most recent files listed is
  Looking for the latest version? Download scg-i386-sol9 (19.5 kB)
I save myself the trouble with solaris 9.

The rest of the files are named schily-* and neither the file name nor
the project description (tool box) tell me it's cdrecord.

I assume you meant schily-dist-pre3.tar.xz

If I may say so, I do not find it intelligent that dozens of different
source archives all produce a tool with -version cdda2wav 3.01. I'm
expecting it to report itself as 3.01-schily-dist-pre3 if it came fom

> If you read the public information, you should know that "schily tools" is just 
> a frequently updated snapshot of all sources - not only cdrtools.

Schily Tools
A Tool Box with tools written or managed by Jörg Schilling
Brought to you by: schily

As you see, you see nothing of that sort.

> are you satisfied with the recent changes?

Still testing, but looking good so far. I'll give you a drive list.

Thanks muchly,


Volker Kuhlmann
http://volker.top.geek.nz/	Please do not CC list postings to me.

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