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Re: Issues brining BD disks from the command line - write failures


> The second set of error messages were from cdrtools from the brandonsnider
> ppa.

Obviously cdrecord resp. one of its forks, indeed.

> The error messages are much more verbose -- Not that I'm smart enough to be
> able to really understand them that well.

Actually the beef is the "sense code" triple 3,0C,00.
It is listed in MMC-6 as

More can not be told from the drive's reply which was
  Sense Bytes: 71 00 03 00 00 00 00 0A 00 00 00 00 0C 00 00 00

> Even with cdrtools, I can't get BD media to burn.

I would not use cdrecord or its forks for DVD or BD.
growisofs is fully ok for DVD. It has that error at the end of BD-R
burning, though.

I use my own backends which are based on my libburn:
  cdrskin ... accepts many cdrecord options
  xorriso ... integrated ISO 9660 filesystem generator and burn program.
libburn is tested daily by backups on CD, DVD, and BD media.
Both programs should be available in Linux distros.
cdrskin might be offered as part of package "libburn".
xorriso might be offered as part of package "libisoburn".

> I can get DVD and CD
> media to burn in the internally attached burner - sometimes.

They become unreliable when they get old. But usually that needs
3 years or longer. I have a little collection of half-dead burners
reaching back ten years.
Traditionally mine fail first on DVD-RW and DVD+R DL.

But a new drive has to burn newly purchased media which it has
in its compatibility list. (The manufacturers often publish a
list of tested media products. That is quite futile because the
seller brands often change their manufacturer.)

In case you experience a successful burn, you should in any case
try whether the medium is fully readablei. A coarse test is:

  Divide the size of the iso image by 2048. E.g. yielding 1700758.

  Let dd copy the computed number of blocks from medium to /dev/null:
    dd if=/dev/sr1 bs=2048 count=1700758 of=/dev/null

  If this ends by an i/o error (often near the end of the medium)
  then the burn was not successful.

> In order to remove the BD media as a culprit,

You already tested with DVD-R.
Those must work, or else the drive is ill.

Have a nice day :)


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