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Re: Issues brining BD disks from the command line - write failures


Joerg Schilling wrote:

> There are only dead "forks" from cdrtools - don't use them.

Probably i am the one who is to blame for killing them.

Programmers who consider to fork can as well try libburn
and contact me for feature requests.
That's what happened to Debian's cdrkit. Meanwhile xorriso
produces all their ISOs except for arch "powerpc" which needs
a HFS filesystem. (I hoped for that arch to die out. But alas,
the virtual machines seem to give it eternal life.)

> Growisofs refers to mkisofs.

One can use growisofs with xorriso's emulation mode xorrisofs too:

  export MKISOFS="xorrisofs"
  growisofs ...

It will not do -udf, though. Thus you cannot create an official
Video DVD by xorriso.
On the other hand, one can use xorriso's unique features of
filesystem manipulation, checksumming, compression, encryption,

> Cdrtools is actively maintained

So is libburn, libisofs, libisoburn, cdrskin, and xorriso.

> and runs on virtially any platform.

libburn works with optical media on Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris.
The other stuff runs on any X/Open compliant system.i
xorriso has been ported to the systems to which GRUB2 is ported.

> Other writing software does not include mkisofs or similar software.

I do not deem mkisofs to be the best ISO 9660 program. :))
But cdrecord is the best CD writing program, i confess. Chapeau.

We both cannot serve for official Video Blu-ray, btw.
(Even learning all specs would cost 3000 USD, to my knowledge.)

You often told me that mkisofs is not a backup program.
Well, xorriso is.

Have a nice day :)


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