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Re: Issues brining BD disks from the command line - write failures

I put in a fresh new, blank disc and I got some interesting errors -- I'll try this on the other system with the other burner here in a bit.

ls -al /dev/sr*
brw-rw---- 1 root cdrom 11, 0 May  7 13:02 /dev/sr0
brw-rw---- 1 root cdrom 11, 1 May  7 13:02 /dev/sr1

# growisofs -speed=1 -use-the-force-luke=spare:none -Z /dev/sr1=/mnt/md9/bdburn/BDBurn.udf :-[ READ FORMAT CAPACITIES failed with SK=3h/ASC=19h/ACQ=00h]: Input/output error

# dvd+rw-mediainfo /dev/sr1
INQUIRY:                [HL-DT-ST][BD-RE  WH14NS40 ][1.00]
 Mounted Media:         41h, BD-R SRM
 Media ID:              OTCBDR/001
 Current Write Speed:   4.0x4495=17984KB/s
 Write Speed #0:        4.0x4495=17984KB/s
 Write Speed #1:        2.0x4495=8992KB/s
Speed Descriptor#0: 00/12219391 R@6.0x4495=26976KB/s W@4.0x4495=17984KB/s Speed Descriptor#1: 00/12219391 R@6.0x4495=26976KB/s W@2.0x4495=8992KB/s :-[ READ BD SPARE INFORMATION failed with SK=5h/INVALID FIELD IN CDB]: Input/output error
 Disc status:           blank
 Number of Sessions:    1
 State of Last Session: empty
 "Next" Track:          1
 Number of Tracks:      1
:-[ READ FORMAT CAPACITIES failed with SK=3h/ASC=19h/ACQ=00h]: Input/output error :-[ READ TRACK INFORMATION failed with SK=3h/ASC=19h/ACQ=00h]: Input/output error

On 05/07/2013 12:52 PM, Thomas Schmitt wrote:

   954499072/25000000000 ( 3.8%) @0.2x, remaining 218:19 RBU 100.0% UBU  12.5%
WRITE@LBA=720a0h failed with SK=3h/WRITE ERROR]: Input/output error
This is a failure of the drive to write to the medium.
It has nothing to do with your preparations of BDBurn.udf,
but rather with the relation of drive and medium.
I.e. they do not like each other (any more).

The speed is very low. Possibly the drive relocated many
blocks to the Spare Area. Possibibly that Spare area is now
full and further bad blocks could not be replaced by spares.

CLOSE SESSION failed with SK=5h/INVALID FIELD IN CDB]: Input/output error
This is not the reason of failure. But it could be a known
growisofs bug, that causes an error message at the end of
a burn run. Andy Polyakov, the author of growisofs, stated that
it is harmless. (Some doubts have arised meanwhile, though.)

Am I creating too large of a file to burn to the media
growisofs is supposed to refuse in that case.
But it started writing and failed early (after only 1 GB).

I note that growisofs is saying "preformatting to 24.8 GB"?
This stems from growisofs' habit to format BD-R by default.

To my own experience (with libburn, not with growisofs) BD-R are
more likely to fail if they are formatted. This is contrary to
the theoretical advantages of formatting ("Defect Management").

_any_ help in getting this sorted will be greatly appreciated.
It might help to try writing to unformatted BD-R.

growisofs option  -use-the-force-luke=spare:none  will prevent
formatting of a blank BD-R before writing starts:

   growisofs -speed=1 -use-the-force-luke=spare:none \
             -Z /dev/sr1=/mnt/md9/bdburn/BDBurn.udf

My own programs cdrskin and xorriso do not format BD-R by default:

   cdrskin -v speed=1 dev=/dev/sr1 /mnt/md9/bdburn/BDBurn.udf

   xorriso -as cdrecord -v speed=1 dev=/dev/sr1 /mnt/md9/bdburn/BDBurn.udf


Since growisofs announced
   /dev/sr1: "Current Write Speed" is 2.0x4390KBps.
i assume that the drive does not offer speed 1.
You may inquire the list of speeds by

   dvd+rw-mediainfo /dev/sr1

Look for output lines like
   Write Speed #0:        4.0x4495=17980KB/s
   Speed Descriptor#0:    00/11826175 R@8.0x4495=35960KB/s W@4.0x4495=17980KB/s
(this is RITEK/BR2 media on Optiarc BD RW BD-5300S)

Or perform
   cdrskin dev=/dev/sr1 --list_speeds
   xorriso -outdev /dev/sr1 -list_speeds
and look at the end of their text output.


Have a nice day :)


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