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Re: BD-RE mount problem


> Yes, I have read-write permissions.

Something does not work properly.
Are any related messages to see in the output of dmesg ?

> I tried xorriso to fix the disc as well but it also fails.

What did you try and what did it report when it failed ?
(We could get a log of SCSI commands from xorriso by
 command -scsi_log on .)

> > > root@transponder:/home/garydale# dvd+rw-format -force=full /dev/sr0
> > > * formatting .:-[ FORMAT UNIT failed with SK=5h/INVALID FIELD IN
> > > PARAMETER LIST]: Input/output error

> I've seen mention of this in some of my google searches on the various
> messages I've been getting. Can you elaborate on how to change the format
> type from the command line?

If you use -force without "=full" then you get sub-type 3.
>From dvd+rw-format.cpp:
        if (full && (formats[i+4+4]>>2)!=0x31)
            formats[i+4+4] |= 2;// "Full Certificaton"
        else if ((formats[i+4+4]>>2)==0x30)
            formats[i+4+4] |= 3;// "Quick Certification"

But i do not see the formatting state of the medium as the cause
of your problems.

>   dd: opening `/dev/sr0': Read-only file system

Something is wrong deep in the kernel or in the hardware.
A BD-RE should be writable at least for the superuser.

But how does this match your report that it fails on another
system too ?
Very riddling.

Can you read raw data from the medium ? 
  dd if=/dev/sr0 bs=2048 count=16 | wc

Have a nice day :)


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